2016 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery

Las Vegas, NV – December 1-4, 2016

I truly believe that this event will change your life & your business!

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery has become the one event each year that I believe CAN’T be missed. Eric Worre brings together an all-star lineup of million dollar earners, business experts, and personal development mentors and this has been the most powerful event I’ve ever attended. It is setup with general Network Marketers in mind with NO mention of specific companies or products so anyone can attend.

This event WILL sell out and I have worked out a special price for all of my friends that have connected with me on my sites and social media. I get no commission or benefit from this whatsoever other than knowing I’m sharing something I believe in. I’m not sure how long I am able to give this discount so hurry up and take advantage of it!

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Come see Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Eric Worre and MORE at the training of all trainings!


2016 GoPro Recruiting MasteryBrand new people to Network Marketing that want to start their business right.
People who may have hit a plateau and are ready to break out.
People who have had some success and are looking to take things to a new level.
High level earners who want to sharpen their skills.
Corporate executives who want to learn what the best from around the world are doing to grow their business.