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by Nicole Dunkley on October 9, 2014

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A Top Leader in Nerium

A dwindling sales territory meant fewer dollars in Darin Kidd’s pocket, and then came the layoff. Soon he was awaiting eviction and applying for public assistance to feed his family. Kidd felt hopeless. But network marketing lifted he and his family out of that pit 15 years ago, and today he’s dedicated to creating hope for others through Nerium International.

“I love helping people and helping them reach their full potential. That’s a big driving force for me,” Kidd says. “I love seeing that spark in their eye when they realize they could be a stay-at-home parent, retire with someone they love, or give to their church or a charity they care about.”

As a Nerium 5-star national marketing director, Darin has become a top leader and money earner within Nerium International.  Kidd and his wife, Cheryl, lead a team comprised of people from all walks of life. For them and their teammates, building a Nerium business is a big equalizer to success. Kidd says, “It doesn’t matter where you live, your education or lack of education, you can do network marketing.”

Nerium’s record-breaking industry success in the U.S.—based on a simple business-building system and fabulous training program targeting those new to direct selling—illustrates why Kidd believes this. So too does his personal financial success, having earned $800,000 in the past 12 months, as well as a $375,000 Live Better Bonus.

“Thank God someone looked at us NOT as how we were, but how we COULD be with our God-given potential,” Kidd says. Nerium Founder and CEO Jeff Olson did that for the Kidd’s so many years ago and now Darin Kidd does it for others. “What motivates us now is helping others realize they can have more, do more and be more! We can’t wait to get up every day and see who we can help and serve.”

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About Darin Kidd
Darin Kidd is a 5 Star National Marketing Director and one of the top money earners and leaders with Nerium International. Darin has made over $900,000 in the past 12 months…and truly believes that you can too!