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This site was created with the distinct goal of becoming a community for those interested in growing their Network Marketing business. Any effective marketing strategy relies on building and maintaining customer relationships. The strongest relationships are built upon trust, transparency and consistent communication and we hope to provide all three here on www.SucceedWithDarin.com.

Here you will find marketing tips and advice, videos, and exclusive access to training events and resources that will help you create time and financial freedom by building a successful Network Marketing business.

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Darin is one of the iconic leaders in our profession today.  Ethical, Courageous, Inspirational and an unsurpassed work ethic.   His track record speaks for itself having built multi-million dollar empires multiple times.  There are very few people that can actually say that and back it up. 

Richard Bliss Brooke
Richard Bliss BrookeAuthor of "The Four Year Career"

Darin knows his stuff! He will help you build a team, grow your income and make a difference. He has built himself an amazing business, family and life and will help you do the same!

Sean Cannell
Sean CannellHelping You Succeed in the Digital World seancannell.com

Being a business owner, I went from working 5 days and living 2, to working 6 days and living 1, to working 7 days and believing my own excuses as to why I didn’t have time for anything other than work.  I was tired and could hardly imagine a different life.  I had partnered with a few other Network Marketing companies in the past but only found frustration.

Four years ago, I committed to working with Darin and life is now so much different than I could have imagined. By following what Darin DOES, in 24 months I replaced a 6 figure income as a partner in a restaurant and retired from that industry. I have spent more time in the last year with my family than I did in the last 5 years. Thank you Darin for showing me not only how to work, but how to live again!

Tony V.
Tony V.

I was a stay at home mom for 20 years. Prior to working with Darin I spent a few years with another Network Marketing company but the income potential wasn’t what I needed after my family lost 2 businesses in 2008. I needed to replace the income from those companies and I was lucky enough to find Darin 4 years ago. Darin was one of the first people who helped me build in my local market.

As my business grew, he was even willing to travel to other markets to help my team. To me he demonstrates the perfect picture of a servant leader. He had his priorities in order and he is bold sharing! God, family and business while serving others is always his heart. I am blessed to not only call him my mentor but also my friend!

Alicia H.
Alicia H.

My wife had tried some relationship marketing years ago, but not successfully. I always doubted that most people could really achieve success in this industry, but found out that they can.  Darin has always shared that you can have a great jockey, you just need to find the right horse.  Luckily for us, we did find the right horse, and that has led to success beyond our wildest imagination.  

It is through Darin Kidd’s great leadership and humble spirit, that my wife and I have come to value the benefits of relationship marketing.  He always advocates that documentation beats conversation, and my wife and I serve as living proof that following a simple system with gratitude and humility can lead to great success

Brian and Valerie
Brian and Valerie

In just my first introduction to Darin I felt the strength of his leadership and knew I had to be a part of his team. He has become not only a mentor but a trusted friend that I can count on for support and advice. 

I was so impressed by that and his kind, gentle way of supporting his BP’s even though she did not fill the room.  It is the BEST Decision my husband and I have ever made. We have now sold our Franchise and I have left Nursing and we are able to build the life of our Dreams. Time and Financial Freedom is a PEACE that we had never experienced until now. Ask yourself Why Not Me? 

Jeff and Zoe

Network Marketing Training From the BLOG


The Magic Ingredient

In this video, I talk about what one billionaire mentor told me was, "The Magic Ingredient" to success. Not just in my network marketing business, but in any area of life or vocation.

How To Improve Leadership Skills 

In Network Marketing, it is your responsibility to lead your team. If you want to build a massive team of leaders you need to set an example, and help each person reach their own potential in the business.

The Power of Positive Thinking

In this video, we talk about how positive affirmations can affect everything in life, especially your network marketing business. Having the right perspective, the right attitude, and the right attitude it makes all the difference in the world.

Leadership With John Maxwell

It was a dream come true when I was invited to interview and spend time with John Maxwell on stage in Florida at the Elite 2018 to talk about leadership and Network Marketing.